Uno: A Father's Wish.

Merle Robins was the inventor of uno. He worked as a barber in Idaho. Born in 1912 and died in 1984. Had a son and wife.

In 1971, Merle decided to invent a game called "Uno" to show his on about the rules of Crazy 8s.The decks were designed on a dining room table. His family saved up $8,000 dollars to create the first 5,000 uno decks.

First, Robins used to sell them at his barber shop and for a while his son, ray, handed them out to his classmates. In 1981, the rights of uno were sold to international games for $50,000 plus royalties of $0.10 per copy. Today, Uno is produced by Toy Giant Mattel in 80 countries. Today it has sold 150 coppies worldwide. Sadly, Robins died in 1984.